Terms and Conditions

By downloading any of the files listed on this website, you agree to adhere to all terms, conditions, and guidelines pertaining to the Livingston, Montana  logo as stated here:

1. Any organization or business can use the Livingston, Montana logo (the mark) free of charge as long as the terms, conditions, and usage guidelines specified on this website are followed. The Brand Livingston Working Group reserves the right to deny access to the logo if they identify inappropriate use.

2. The Livingston, Montana logo may never be altered, separated, distorted or modified.

3. The Livingston, Montana logo may never be used as part of another company or organization name or logo. The mark must always be scaled and positioned to be a secondary element on the page.

4. The Livingston, Montana logo may never be used in any manner that would imply the City of Livingston, Vision Livingston, Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce, Livingston Business Improvement District, or Park County endorsement of a company, product, or service. The mark may never be used to disparage any of the organizations listed above.

6. The Livingston, Montana logo may never be used for individual or business profit. The mark may not be printed on items for sale, such as t-shirts, hats, or mugs. Vision Livingston retains all rights for merchandising and promotional items that contain the mark and all proceeds from any such merchandising shall go directly to Vision Livingston.

7. The Brand Livingston Working Group must approve any major promotional campaign that features the mark. Preliminary proofs must be submitted to Vision Livingston for review prior to printing or production. The review process can take up to 8 weeks.

8. Vision Livingston is the lawful owner of the Livingston, Montana logo and retains all rights associated with US copyright and trademark laws. Vision Livingston retains the right to modify any guidelines or usage parameters associated with the mark.