Brand Identity

The logotype, graphic shading, script, and mountain artwork elements make up the the Livingston, Montana brand identity (logo). These elements should not be altered or split apart.

Livingston, Montana logo

What Not To Do

The Livingston, Montana logo was carefully designed to have visual balance and communicate the Livingston brand. Consistent use of the logo will help build a strong brand and maintain brand integrity. Here are examples of what not to do with the logo:

Color: Do not alter the colors in the logo. The logo is available in black/white and color formats. (View official logo colors).

Do not use alternate colorsEmbellishments: Do not fill any part of the logo with a pattern or texture. Do not add emboss, 3-D or drop-shadow effects to the logo.

Do not embelish logo

Backgrounds: Do not place the logo over complex photo or pattern backgrounds.

Do not use complex backgrounds

Distortion: Do not condense, extend, or skew the logo.

Do not distort logo

White Space: Do not place other graphic elements too close to the logo. The white space around the logo should be no less than .5 inches.

Logo white space

Conflicting Colors: When using the color logo, do not use other colors in the design that conflict with the official color palette. Opt to use the black/white logo to avoid any color conflict.


Official Logo Colors

Livingston, Montana logo

The color logo consists of a warm red and Warm gray combination. Exact color specifications are listed below:

Warm Red:
Pantone: 484
CMYK: 08/91/92/33
RGB: 160/42/29

Dark Gray:
Pantone: Warm Gray 11
CMYK: 23/32/31/64
RGB: 94/81/78

Note: The official colors may shift slightly depending on printing output devices and computer monitor calibration. Although an exact color match is not always possible, consistent color application will help strengthen the brand.

Reversed (White) Logo: The logo may be reversed on dark backgrounds such as black or navy blue. The reversed logo should not be placed over medium to light backgrounds. It is preferable to use the primary or black/white logo formats.

Reverse logo on black